I am so grateful for the respect you have shown us. You have brought so much joy to our family and made what we envisioned a reality. You have a wonderful gift! Thank you so much for all the time and hard work you have put into this project.

Mrs. A. Williamson, Atlanta GA


When our daughters gifted my husband and me with a personal memoir and our family history, we never imagined what a treasure was being created for us. Donna was a skilled interviewer. She managed to respectfully draw out honest memories and emotions that elicited both laughter and tears. In interviewing family members she created a beautiful chronicle of our lives and history.

My beloved husband has since passed away. I now read and re-read our life story and his own words come to life on the page. This was the best gift I have ever received.

Ruth Z., Granite Bay, CA Family History Volume

I wanted my grandchildren to know they had strong roots. My desire to write my story brought me to Donna. She has the writing skills and the talent to ask the best questions to trigger your memories and to guide you to organize your history. I am very grateful to Donna for the way my book turned out and the peace of mind it brought me on so many levels.

Veronica V., Scarsdale, NY Coach, Family History

The idea for a book began when my son asked me “What kind of games did Grandpa and his brother play when they were little?” I realized that while I could pass on the few stories I knew, it would be wonderful to have those stories retold and documented while my dad was still alive to share them firsthand. My father has since passed away, and I am so grateful for the gift of his voice as recorded through Donna’s skillful writing and storytelling.

Donna’s greatest strength is her natural ability to interview people with exceptional results. She readily captures the heart and soul of each person she meets, connecting with others with compassion and humor.

Fara E., Sonoma, CA Biography

I am so grateful to have met Donna. I had all of the ideas in my head but had no idea how to get it down on paper in a cohesive manner. Through Donna’s guidance I was able to not only learn techniques so that I could write this book and help me bring my story to life. I am forever grateful for her help!

Becky F., New York, NY Coach, Memoir