The Story Guide Experience

Your life is unique, valuable, and deserves to be shared and remembered. We’ll guide you to tell your story in a distinct and meaningful way.

The Story Guide Experience


Working together, we’ll talk about sensitive topics with grace and care. Story Guide will help you navigate through memories and emotions, and identify what is essential to you and to your story. We’ll focus on what life was truly like, how you felt, what you thought–the moments that shaped your life.


Storytelling has the extraordinary power to heal. It provides the opportunity to be heard and speak from the soul. It gives a voice to the silent and lost while honoring and recognizing your own. The Story Guide Experience is a time to rediscover your life and history and share what matters most to you in this world.


A biographer’s job is to structure and craft a story from the facts. But what makes a good story? Facts are essential: names, dates, times of an event. At Story Guide, we believe the facts are only one piece of the puzzle. We listen for the moments that defined an experience; that defined your life.